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David's Philosophy

I have been in the Health and Wellness game for over 25 years now, and I have had the honor of helping people all over the WORLD with my HEALTH, EXERCISE and WELLNESS PHILOSOPHIES, which happen to be logical, applicable and very short. My training principles focus on changing the body from the inside-out, from the cells to the exterior. With a basic understanding of nutrition guidelines, we can focus on building a strong core along with stable joints that have reliable tendons and ligaments to help create the efficient flow of movement through the body. Next, the appendages (arms, legs) are lengthened through the use of numerous conditioning and stretching techniques. Body weight exercises are preferred to maintain natural strength and can be performed anywhere with minimal safety concern. Mastering the use of one's Body should be a daily goal. Learning should be fun yet challenging.

Over the years with thousands of dollars invested and far beyond 10,000 hours of studying, researching, and performing client assessments and program building. Our MIND, BODY and SOUL, grants us freedom to feel GREAT and enjoy LIFE!!

  • Getting Started
  • Stretching
  • Injuries
  • Muscle Building

Daily Progress

It is very important to look at your fitness journey as a marathon instead of a sprint. We will make progress as long as we are being consistent in our plan and programs. It is always great to be with some of the same like minded people as you take this journey. Going out for daily activities with a friend or group of friends can also accelerate your success chances keeping your bodies metabolism active. The body takes 45 days for internal responses to occur due to adaptations gained from the program designed for you. Gains in endurance, strength, flexibility and balance shall occur giving you the ability to increase the variables of your program and now began gaining external results through the sculpting and remodeling of your lean muscle tissue.


It is important to stretch in order to increase and maintain a full range of motion throughout the joints to prevent injury. There are different variations of stretching, MYOFACIAL RELEASE STRETCHING (which relieve the knots from the skeletal muscle), STATIC STRETCHING (stretching and holding: for cool down approach), DYNAMIC STRETCHING (focusing on stabilization as you stretch throughout the kinetic chain of the body)

Don't Give Up

Injuries may occur, therefore having a sound fitness program covering the proper variables in flexiblity, and strength and conditioning designed for the individual is very important. Depending on what the injury may be, the basis of the program is designed around that. Working with the general population and with athletes, amateur and professional, I have covered a wide range of injuries throughout the bodies kinetic chain. Injuries can affect the psyche, one must not underestimate the body's capability of healing itself.

Muscle Building

The main thing we all seem to fall for when it comes to fitness, is the idea that Fat is the enemy and we should do all it takes to combat it. Lower our caloric intake, run harder, longer and miss meals. Why does this approach seem to be the logical one when lean muscle tissue is the answer for what we are looking for. Learning how to create flexibility, growth, maintenance and endurance programs for optimum strength and muscle integrity is a big part to gaining healthy lean skeletal muscle tissue.

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  • CORE
  • BACK
  • ARMS
  • LEGS

Try it this week!

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1. Daily Stretching

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2. Acai Bowls

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3. Endurance Training

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4. Reflection

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